søndag 4. desember 2016


EU LA2XPA                           384  16  12  SOLP     2012   Norway
EU LN9Z  (LA9HW, op.)  1,102  29  19  SOHP     2008   Norway
EU LA5LJA  (@LA7TTT)       40     5   4   SOULP  2015   Norway
EU LA7THA                      1,320   30  22  SOUHP  2015   Norway
EU LN9Z                            4,288   68  32  MSHP    2007   Norway

            ARRL 160-Meter Contest

Call: LA5LJA
Operator(s): LA5LJA
Station: LA7TTT

Class: SO Unlimited LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3

Total:  QSOs = 19  Sections = 16  Countries = 2  Total Score = 608

Club: LA Contest Club


First morning very good conditions,Worked 16 stations,great signals.
Second morning conds was much weaker.but worked 3 more stations.
Equipment 5000dx and w8amz slooper.Last year only 5 stations in log.
The claimed score is a new low power assisted record for Norway ..hihi
Hope for good conds in the upcoming Stew Perry contest....cu on 160...

mandag 28. november 2016

CQ WW CW 2016

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: LA5LJA
Operator(s): LA5LJA
Station: LA7TTT

Operating Time (hrs): 17

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   40:  403    21       90
Total:  403    21       90  Total Score = 56,943

Club: LA Contest Club


My goal was 1000 qsos, ended up with 403...
Turned on the radio att 0300z. So quiet..no North Americans???
Worked only one NA on 40 mtr this year W1KM was the only one who
heard me this weekend ,no 'VE' Canadians att all...
K3LR worked 1 LA Station...KC1XX worked 3 LA stations.(on 40 mtr)
This says it all about the conds from Norway to NA.
Conds was poor I think similar to the ssb part.
Everything North of my qth 60°N was hard  (impossible) to work.
Frustrating to see spot from Denmark (500 km south of me)
and when you go to the freq.you hear nothing...
NR4M say...
Conds were terrible the first night
and generally bad the rest of the weekend.
This statement is spot on..but as always CQ WW is fun..

torsdag 24. november 2016


I buy this cable in Thailand  6 roll's of 1,5 mm el-cable à 100 mtr.
Very cheap/good price in Thailand compared to Norway.
Will use it for my new low-band antenna 80/160 mtr that I will put up
next year, In Norway the price of this cable is about 400 Nkr for one roll
In Thailand they wanted 100 Nkr for one roll, so easy saved 1800 Nkr.(225 $) 

onsdag 23. november 2016


XU7MDC was activ in November this year.
I made 2 qsos with them 30 mtr Rtty and 40 mtr ssb.
Very happy for rtty qso,because a new dxcc on that mode.
#257 on rtty for me,they made 35000 qsos total.
A big thank you to the team for Cambodia on digital mode.

GPX Legend 200cc

My motorcycle GPX Legend 200 cc
In front of my house in Thailand. 

Photo from Ubon Ratchatani, me and my motorcycle.
Have been 12 days in Thailand, visit my house and riding
around on the small motorcycle and enjoyed myself.
A good warm up till the upcoming cq ww cw 2016 this weekend.
Bike runs well with the little 130 kilo Norwegian on...

torsdag 10. november 2016

Island On The Air

Worked KH6Fx on 17 + 20 mtr cw in October.
More Iota's.
3 Aug. VE3LYC/KL7 on 20 mtr cw Iota NA-172
14 Aug. RI0FS on  20 mtr rtty Iota AS-062
14 Aug. UE23RRC on 20 mtr ssb Iota AS-142
27 Aug. K9AJ/VY0 on 20 mtr cw Iota NA-159
21 Sept. VP8NO on 40 mtr rtty Iota SA-002
9 Oct. JK3ZXK/5 on 30 mtr cw Iota AS-200
10 Oct. T31T on 20 mtr ssb Iota OC-043
11 Oct. KH7SD on 20 mtr cw
13 Oct. AT2SL on 17 + 30 mtr rtty AS-176
24 Sept. E6AC on 20 mtr rtty OC-040
24 Sept. V633ZH on 17 mtr rtty OC-11
Sept . E51Q on 17-20-30 cw
21 Sept. KU7FM/KH2 on 15-20 rtty
22 Sept. KH0/KW2X on 20 mtr cw
In Sept. A5A on 15-30 cw and 40 mtr ssb
In Aug . CY9C on 17-20-30 cw 17-20-40 ssb and 30 mtr rtty.
In Sept .TO5FP on 20-30 cw + 20-40 ssb + 30 mtr rtty
Have been very activ this 3 months, was lucky and happy
to work A93JA on 80 mtr cw also,allready cnfm. on LOTW. 

mandag 7. november 2016


D66D Comoros activ in September this year by a OK team.
They made 42877 qsos I made 7 of them.
15-17-20-30-40 cw ,20 ssb and 15 rtty.
In cqww rtty I also worked them on 40 mtr rtty (LN7TTT)
Photo is from dxnews  (dot) com