tirsdag 2. august 2016


QSL card from 7P8C Lesohto .Qsos was in February this year.
Photo from the Web, new one for me on rtty mode.
#240 confirmed in rtty mode, qsos is already confirmed on lotw.
Made 7 contact's the most enjoyable was 40mtr rtty.....

mandag 1. august 2016


My house in Thailand.
Have been in Thailand for 3 weeks.
This house I order in Mars this year and I was very
happy that it was finished when I  come back in July.
So hopefully I will spend my older days in this house.
But who knows what the future will bring....

onsdag 20. juli 2016


Motorbike Stallions cafe racer .
Engine is 150 cc,good looking bike,price is 67000 Bath .
Stallions is a Thailand motor cycle company,
But I think they are from China and get some Siam styling.
Photos are from M2 SPORT a motorbike shop in Warin Chamrap.

mandag 18. juli 2016


Iron One Motorbike from Stallions in Thailand.
Nice looking motorbike from Thailand.
The price for this bike is 93000 Bath.
The engine is 250 cc, smal but OK for an old *forlang*
Look at the engine side cover......not sure it's correct.....

lørdag 9. juli 2016


Nice operation from LZ1GC Stan and OM5ZW Lubo.
LZ1GC Stan will be on from
Solomon Isl. and Temotu Isl. In sept/Oct 2016
Calls sign  will be H40GC and H44GC, hope I can make some
qsos on 30 ...40 more.   Stan is a very good operator who spend
many hours in front of the radio when he is on tour.
So I'm pretty sure,many radio ham's will be happy again...
Me included...


QSL card from VK0EK Heard Island.
Amazing qsos for me 4 low band qsos in some few evening hours.
Running low power here and limited antennas..they really had good ears.
They made 75187 qsos in 20 days of operation.
I don't know if they had some work issue during the dx- pedition.
I think many still need this one  ,I still need a rtty qso...
Next time..next time....thanks guys,nice show.


Kenwood TS-940S..produced in July 1988.
I get a very good offer to buy this radio.
I could not resist and the trade was done.
This is a gem of a radio,this one looks nice, only
Some few scratches ,the radio miss the rubber band
On the vfo but I hope I can find it on eBay.....
This radio has the antenna tuner fixed so it's upgraded
to 940 SAT...hi hi...first time since mid/late 80's I have a
Kenwood again,before I had a TS-430 (used only on 11mtr)
This radio have some issues but I think I can manage.
It's big radio ,will look great in my radio shack together
with my other 6 hf's radios....?